Li7 Coin is coming!

Li7 Coin will power the Web3 enabled Li7 Data Ecology platform and create a solid foundation for the projects future

Li7 coin will bring an unprecedented finanical engine to global business sharing in its lightning speed and low gas transactions while transcending global borders and bypassing expensive currency exchanges.

Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity at the ground floor!

Finally! Full Scale Data Ecology
is within easy reach

Growing at a huge rate? Struggling to undestand what is really happening in your organisation? Complete reach of your network can be achieved by leveraging vertical and horizontal relationships. Analytical data can be communicated throughout the entire organisation while deep diving to the operational level is at your fingertips.

With the massive volume of information available in today’s connected world, organizations are faced with the challenge of ingesting, organizing, cleansing, deriving insights and predicting outcomes from customer data to reach their business goals

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Li7 Philosophy

It's time to bring back basic decent concepts into society. It's time to focus on:
  • Respect
  • Privacy
  • Morality
  • Equality
  • Freedom
  • Prosperity

  • "But I'm just one person, what can I do?"

    Actually a lot. Together we have the power to achieve anything! Start doing something by joining our community to see what's going on. Let's be the change we want to see. Start with some Discord.

Move, cleanse and transform data to automate and complete complex tasks

Built from the data up, the platform focuses on seamless integration of data between containerised applications. The feature rich environment puts you in the captains chair allowing the installation of apps to solve business problems on demand and on time

With Li7 Data Ecology Platform you get containerised integration points that cooperate with authentication, validation and transformation to provide a seamless data migration feature set that will drive your business.

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Change the look & feel of your website without data migration hell

Solutions for public and private web applications can easily be achieved. Change your mind about how your website looks? No problem, just click a few buttons and your data is now shaped to your new choice.

With Li7 Data Ecology Platform your data is decoupled from its presentation to ensure maximum flexibility for your environment. Front-end technology management is delegated to the container to ensure solutions are discretely provided Philosophy: Respect in everything

The world is a diverse place full of rich cultures, communities and people that are steeped in traditions and customs. proudly promotes a society where people of all genders are equally valued, heard and respected, with equal access to opportunities and live free from discrimination and violence.

It seems that today's world has lost its way. seeks to champion basic concepts to ensure they return to the forefront of our community and society as a whole. These are:

Respect,  Privacy,  Morality,  Equality,  Freedom and  Prosperity.

Can you remember a time when common decency was normal? People would offer to let those in need take their seat, a simple please and thankyou, addressing people with an honourific even if they didn't earn it. It doesn't take much to offer people respect.
Your privacy is basically gone. Your user information is bundled up into metadata for anyone with power to view. Your daily movements are tracked, where you go, who you speak to. Privacy has been stripped from society under various guises and it's time to take it back.
Without getting into corruption and misuse of power, we are specifically talking about looking after one another in the community and bringing back a level of caring and understanding. There are people in need and it's the community who should be helping one another.
It speaks volumes this concept needs to be championed in todays age. Gender, Race, Beliefs and Lifestyles are all under duress. All of these need to be respected and accepted. How else can we grow as a species to achieve a lasting peace and a sustainable and harmonious future?
In terms of freedom, we need the freedom to speak. We need the freedom to disagree. We need the freedom to call out a wrong doing. We need to be able to do all these things without repercussion. These are currently things that are being stripped from us in today's society.
Did you know your data is being sold to make money? It goes hand in hand with the concepts above. You have value! You have preferences in the marketplace which companies want to know about. It's time you had a choice. It's time your value was handed back to you.
Li7 Data Ecology

Full Scale Web3 Business Platform

Built from the data up, the platform focuses on seamless integration of data between containerised applications. The feature rich environment puts you in the captains chair allowing the installation of apps to solve business problems on demand and on time

Conduct your orchestra of information at your own pace. Import from external sources by configuration and mapping, validate data using templated rules, transform it so it sounds right and then engage with other data to generate results. Your successful business starts here.
A proprietry data architecture, data management, optimised lakehouse and reserviors all combine to form an ecology of data that lives and grows in line with your organisation. Finally a fast, accurate and easy solution.
Core systems are available to containerised features that serve required information to your customers and users. Containerised tools allow the dissemination of documents and the communication of ideas and information. Start solving your business challenges today.
Solutions for public and private web applications can easily be achieved. Data is decoupled from front end presentation to ensure the maximum flexability for your environment. Change your mind about how your website looks? No problem, just click a few buttons and your data is now shaped to your new choice.
Search - Access - Analyse
Containerised features bring together data from multiple sources to provide rich and useful and insights into your organisation by utilising the proprietary data retrieval archiecture. Start measuring and understand your business results in seconds.
Economise and Optimise
Maybe your business is just starting. Maybe your business can't justify the overinflated cost of established solutions. Why compromise? Data Ecology SaaS is an incredibly powerful yet affortable solution for your business. Start using this gem today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

Data Ecology Reference Architecture

Reference Architecture
Quick to deploy
Get just the funcitonality you need, when you need it. Install a functioning website in just minutes. Add on features such as shopping carts, analytics and searching. These powerful tools ready for you.
Scalable solitions
Ever made a website and then changed your mind? You've had to start again. Not any more! Change your mind about what your website looks like without reloading everying. It's easy.
Lower IT Costs
Configure your org to suit your needs. No need to ask your IT team, control is at your fingertips
Li7 Coin

Li7 Coin - Powering Li7 Data Ecology

Building a better future, the Li7 Data Ecology Platform is backed by the Li7 Coin, a new crypto currency that will enable businesses to transact quickly and cheaply on a global scale. Fundamental to the Li7 Data Ecology Web3 build, the coin will form the financial backbone of the platform enabling global business and small business alike.

White Paper
Download and read the white paper for all the information you need on Li7 Coin. Download White paper.
High Speed
A high speed decentralised coin with payment transactions clearing hundreds of times faster than the major coins. Keep your business running through those profitable peak periods.
Low Cost
This is a low gas coin with low transaction costs to keep you doing business without massive transactional overheads. Low gas fees means your business actually saves money using this coin.
Hybrid approach
Using a mix of consensus; proof of work and proof of stake is a hybrid philosophy that will increase speed of transactions while still being secure and looking after the environment.
This coin is here for the long term. It utilises an environmentally friendly model and is the life blood of the Data Ecology Platform. Li7 Coin will persist long into the future powering business to peak performance.
Ground Level Opportunity
Currently in it's early stages, the coin is set to explode. Li7 Coin will be the next big utility coin on the market.

Don't miss out on this epic ground level opportunity.
Community and Customer

People are what makes our project great

Nurture, support and enablement are the three pillars of success when creating a community. The Li7 community is a fundamental part of the platform and will provide structure, content and direction for the platform... always. Join the community today and start to power your dreams.

We will get the word out using various social media platforms such as discord, twitter and Linkedin . Join the Discord channel to learn more and start helping build a better future today!
Ever thought "I'm just one person... what can I do?" Well the answer is finally here! Join the Li7 Community and collaborate with other like minded people who are trying to make a difference in the world.
Customer Support
One of the first things we need to solve is how to support the community and the customer. Discussions on how to best achieve that in the web3 space is going on right now. Head over to the Discord channel to participate.
Being part of the community means that you will receive benefits! Join the community to hear the first about promotions, drops and other community benefits. Li7 is serious about fostering a caring and positive community.
As with customer support we need a way to gather and apply community feedback. The mechanism is currently in Discord. Look for the feedback channel. If you want to help the project you can put your hand up to help moderate.
The best part of web3 projects is being part of the drops. It's like your birthday and new years all at once. Join Discord and register for the community to learn about upcoming drops and other exciting promotions.

Enter the verse

It's the hottest topic in town. The metaverse is the next evolution of the internet and the team at is surfing the metawave. Do you have a good grip on metaverse? Do you want to contribute to future concepts? Join the Discord channel for more information.

Virtual Reality
Put on those goggles and strap in for the best experience in the verse (insert echo)... VR is a hot topic in web3 and hooking up VR up to our project will thrust it to the next level. We have a specialist VR team ready to start designing the future.
Augmented Reality
On the roadmap is the Li7 app that will give you access to all the features of the Li7 Data Ecology Platform. So why not help augment that in a way never seen before? Be it 3D models of products or augemented directions for maps we are keen to hear your ideas.
VR and AR Training
If you've ever needed to train someone you know how boring it can get. Well not any longer. Li7 wants to implement VR and/or AR training you to simulate the actual processes right into your brains. VR and AR training is a new and exciting method of educating the community.
Generate Metaverse hype
Metaverse... what? Yo, let's go!!! Generating hype for your metaverse needs a multi-directional approach. There are already some big players in the industry so we need to stand out and shine. Join us on Discord to tell us about your ideas on how to shout loud about the Li7 Multiverse.
Build the verse
Do you have experience in VR? Are you looking for a meaningful place to direct your genius? Well look no further. The Li7 Data Ecology Platform will feed into the Li7 Multiverse and you can help make that a reality. Join Discord and learn how you can help.
Support reality
Having an awesome community means giving it lots of support. Are you the type of person that can describe things easily to people? Would you be able to teach my dad? If you think you can then you are the perfect person to help support the Li7 Community and Li7 Metaverse.

Li7 Data Ecology Videos

The site uses the emerging 4EVERLAND hosting and bucket, a distributed web3 platform as a service. You should check it out! (Video download speeds may vary)


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Thanks for taking a look. We love our project and we're sure you will too. Contact us below if you have any questions or reach out on our socials.

Li7 Data Ecology Platform Whitepaper
Version 1.0, the verbose Whitepaper.
Li7 Data Ecology Platform Lightpaper
Version 1.0, a terse subset of the Whitepaper.
Li7 Coin Whitepaper
Version 1.3, including token economics


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