Li7 Coin

Li7 Coin has opened the first round of seed investment and is looking to raise between US$1.25Million and US$2.5Million by selling 5% of the 10 Billion available coins. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of coins. Coins will be available until the allocation for this round is sold. Discounts will be given for investors that purchase in bulk.

Li7 Coin is not a managed investment. It is for wholesale and sophisticated investors only.
Li7 Coin

500 Million coins on offer - Limited time only

Seeding round 1 of the Li7 Coin has launched! 500 Million Li7 Coins are avaliable by sending the equivelant amount of Tether (USDT). Further instructions will be sent to you after you submit the form below.

The following per coin costs apply:
Investment Amount (USDT) Price on offer Coins per USDT
Up to 500* 0 0
500 to 10000 0.005 200
10001 to 50000 0.004 250
Over 50000 0.0025 400
If you are a wholesale or sophisticated buyer and would like to view the contract please fill out the application form below
* We are not accepting amounts lower than US$500 due to high administration costs

Brian Armstrong from Coinbase

Brian describes the challenges of a crypto start up and best practices when launching. We think he has a lot of great ideas and have done our best to provide a valuable and fair offering.

Li7 Coin

Token Economics

Refer to the white paper for more information. The token economics diagram shows the token mix for Li7 Coin. Note the following:

  • Web3 Maintenance refers the cost of running the network, maintaining nodes, giving mining rewards and other associated costs
  • Token sale is the amount of tokens to be sold to raise capital
  • Core team is the reward distributed to the core team
  • Foundation operations are tokens needed for other operational costs
  • Community rewards refers to the amount of tokens to be given to community members and contributers
  • Organisation incentive is the amount of tokens to be given to out to business as incentive to pay to use the platform


The coin is currently only taking investors by invitation. Use the contact form to express your interest and we'll get back to you ASAP.